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Custom Bikes

Buying a Custom Bike


Building a custom bike can be an incredibly rewarding experience and the end result is often a bicycle that you will cherish, ride and keep for years. Here at Williamson Bicycle Works we are committed to custom bikes and assisting you in building the perfect bike for you. 

Our custom bike program is designed to help make the process of building a custom bike simple and gratifying. 

Where to start?

Talk to us! We’re here to help. Our staff is passionate about bikes and riding, there is nothing more fun and rewarding than helping someone build an amazing bike that is just what they are looking for. Once we have narrowed down what you are looking for we will help you select a frame from one of our numerous high quality providers. 

The Process

The first step is to pick a frame. We provide a large selection of frames from many companies and builders. We’ll help you narrow your choices depending on what you are looking for.  

After you have picked a frame selecting the parts is the next step. We will discuss what you are looking for and then come up with a quote and a proposed build kit with an estimated final price. Usually it takes us 24-48 hrs to generate a quote and a proposed build kit. 

Final build

After all the parts are in one of our mechanics will assemble the bike. The assembly is one of the most important aspects of your custom bike and one of the many things that sets Williamson Bicycle Works apart from other shops. Our process of building custom bikes is meticulous and the end result is a perfect build that will last and work amazing for years to come.

We stand behind all of our builds with a great service package; any custom bike purchased at Willy Bikes will receive a life-time of free brake and gear adjustments and a free ($70) tune-up in the first year.

We offer reduced professional fits for any customer who purchases a bike, please ask for details. 

Normal wait times:  

  • Independent Fabrication 6-10 weeks
  • Moots 4-8 weeks
  • Co-Motion varies depending on frame, normal wait time is 4-10 weeks
  • Yeti 1-4 weeks
  • Production frames: 5 days – 2 weeks